Q:  At what age do we begin to see children?
A:  The ADA recommends children be seen at age 2.  We feel this is way too young.  Although at age 2 a child has erupted their 20 teeth (a complete child’s dentition) we feel that socially they are too young for the experience.  We recommend age 3 1/2 for a first visit.  At that age we can accomplish necessary treatment and have a happy patient.  Of course if you see anything unusual in your child’s mouth, please consult us.

Q:  What are sealants?
A:  Sealants are a resin, usually fortified with fluoride that is flowed onto the surface pits and fissures of back teeth to prevent decay.

Q:  Have our water lines been treated for bacteria?
A:  Yes.  Our water lines are flushed and disinfected daily.  We installed a system that allows us to do this 5 years ago.  It is still considered state of the art and eliminates harmful bacteria from the water lines.

Q:  If nothing hurts why do I need X-rays?
A:  Believe it or not most dental conditions even though serious are not always painful.  X-rays allow us to diagnose bone loss, decay, presence of impacted teeth, abscesses and even tumors.  Modern X-ray equipment puts out very minimal amounts of radiation while giving superior quality X-ray images.

Q:  How do we clean our instruments and what do we throw away?
A:  Our instruments are first scrubbed clean, then placed in an ultrasonic bath and finally sterilized in a steam/pressure autoclave.  We discard all cotton and most plastic items.  We also sterilize all our burrs.  (drill bits)

Q:  Does our practice accept new patients?
A:  Yes we welcome new patients and referrals.

Q:  What is bonding?
A:  Bonding is the process of micro mechanically attaching resign filling material or porcelain to a tooth surface to restore or repair it.  It is generally not uncomfortable and can create a new look in worn or overfilled teeth.

Q:  Do you participate in any insurance plans?
A:  We have not contracted as a preferred provider with any participating plan.  Most plans however do allow you to go outside their preferred provider network and will still provide benefits.

Q:  What do our services cost?
A:  Our fees are competitive for this area of the country and reflect the high quality ad service our patients expect from us.

Q:  Will we invoice your insurance company?
A:  We are a fee for service practice, and would prefer that services be paid for at the time they are performed,  However, we will at your request submit claims directly to your insurance company and invoice you for the balance due after the insurance payment.

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